What Kevin McCarthy Had to do for MAGA Votes 

  1. To vote on 12 different Appropriations bills instead of one Omnibus package.
  2. To cap discretionary spending at the levels they were at the beginning of the bite Administration this could reduce defense spending by as much as 75 billion dollars
  3. To create a subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government including the FBI and others
  4. To reinstate the Holmen rule which allows for the reduction in government official salaries.
  5. To lower the number of GOP conference members needed
  6. To vote to remove the speaker moving it from a majority to one.
  7. To keep the Congressional leadership fund out of GOP house primaries that are safe.
  8. To put extreme far-right members on the house rules committee
  9. To allow 72 hours to review bills and
  10. To hold votes on Congressional term limits and border security.

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