U.S. Foreign Aid Explained


0:00there’s been a lot of talk about us

0:01foreign aid to Israel so let’s go over

0:04the basics foreign aid can include a lot

0:06of different things but the four main

0:07categories are humanitarian economic

0:10military and Healthcare in 2022 the US

0:13spent 52.4 billion in foreign a which is

0:16about 1% of the US budget that

0:18percentage peaked in 2007 at about 1.4%

0:22the biggest portion 42% goes to

0:25long-term development Aid half of that

0:29is for bilateral healthc care programs

0:31mostly in Africa the rest goes to fund

0:34entities like the World Bank and the UN

0:37development program the next biggest

0:39chunk of that 52 billion 33% goes to

0:43military and security assistance and the

0:45vast majority of this goes to us allies

0:48to buy US military equipment from us

0:51defense contractors and the third

0:54biggest chunk 14% goes to short-term

0:57humanitarian Aid this includes

0:59purchasing us agricultural goods for

1:03organizations like the American Red

1:05Cross see a trend here now more than 200

1:08countries get aid from the US but most

1:11of it goes to the top here’s the top 10

1:13in 2022 now Ukraine is clearly the

1:16highest but they didn’t receive funding

1:18previously so to put it into context

1:21here’s the overall funding since 1946

1:25for Israel specifically in 2022 99% of

1:29their 3.3 billion went to their military

1:32now this is all just direct funding we

1:35also have to mention the many US

1:37financing entities this includes foreign

1:40military financing or FMF and opic the

1:44overseas private Investment corporation

1:46these entities loan trillions overseas

1:49and actually make money for the US

1:51government now I think there’s two

1:53takeaways from all this one foreign aid

1:56really doesn’t make up that much of the

1:58US budget two us corporations especially

2:01defense contractors make billions off of



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