That Ramaswamy Privilege

0:00I don’t think we talk about this enough

0:01Vivek ramaswamy is the perfect example

0:04of how privilege is destroying our

0:07politics and not in the way that we

0:09normally talk about privilege and as

0:10I’ve talked about before we’ve got to

0:12broaden our understanding of

0:13intersectionality and talk about all the

0:16forms of privilege ramaswami Gates

0:18bobert these are examples of privileged

0:21people that benefit enormously by

0:25pushing our politics to the extreme

0:27ramaswami can get on stage and say

0:28something stupid like he’s gonna end

0:30Birthright citizenship and not have to

0:32worry at all about the negative

0:33consequences and although it’s not as

0:36extreme the left also has this and

0:38social media has just made it so easy

0:39the people who are actually affected by

0:42the policies that Congress tosses around

0:44like a hot potato don’t have time for

0:47politics and it’s the same on this app

0:49and others the more extreme you are the

0:51more views you’ll get all the people

0:52pushing for a shutdown benefit from the

0:55shutdown when the rest of us are left to

0:57pick up the pieces and if you watch

0:59these people as a former of

1:00entertainment then you’re also part of

1:01the problem politics is supposed to be a

1:03little boring with the hard work and the

1:05details in fact when I first started my

1:07career in politics everyone thought I

1:09was a nerd now everyone seems to be an

1:11expert if your privilege allows you to

1:13view the Extreme as entertaining then it

1:15also allows you the time to steer your

1:17attention to someone that knows what the

1:19hell they’re talking about stop

1:20complaining about our divided culture if

1:22you’re too lazy to do so


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