Ron DeSantis, Trump, and How to Combat Anti-Wokeness…Be Pro-Love

Governor Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself as a crusader against “wokeness.” But being anti-woke is just the right’s new branding. And it’s ugly, but effective. Before Ron, The Donald caught fire by being anti-pc. This is what we saw neo conservatives latch onto in the 90’s. And they legitimately made people afraid to be too “politically correct.”

But I think we have to stop taking the bait and move the narrative to what this is really about. It’s:





Anti-feminism, and the list goes on.

Now, we know what all these anti’s add up to. But saying fascism makes event those in the middle think you’re being too hyperbolic. I face this problem on my page every-time I talk about it.

So what do we do?

We can’t dive into the details because most will stop listening. But what we can do is push the central positive agenda that all of these things are a piece of. And thats a public policy of Love.

That’s why I’m not sure it’s helpful to call people homophobic or xenophobic even if they are. Instead make them show their true colors as anti-love through relentless optimism and pragmatism.

One of the reasons I still loosely call myself a Christ follower is the message of loving your enemy. It’s not something that’s deserved, but effective.


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