Republicans are Lost on Gun Control

black rifle

Every time I post about guns I get the same response from conservatives, “it’s not a gun issue it’s a mental illness issue.” Fine that’s your position but I want to know two things. First, how do you reconcile your party’s history on this issue?

Richard Nixon tried to undo everything Kennedy did on Mental Health. The only things that stopped him were Democrat congress, and his own Watergate distractions. And then Reagan gutted Carter’s MHSA which among other things, funded Community Mental Health Centers. I mean this is one of the major causes of today’s homelessness crisis.

And the second thing I want to know is why don’t you support mental health funding? Today’s Republicans are constantly, on a state and federal level, cutting funding. Greg Abbott for instance has put Texas in a horrible position. So you think these mass shootings are a mental health issue? Fine, what exactly are you willing to do about it.


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