Rachel Maddow on Trump’s Iowa Caucus win and the threat to Democracy


0:00Rachel madow sums up what’s going on

0:01here perfectly Trump’s Iowa win confirms

0:05something very dark that we all knew but

0:08now it’s here the big picture takeaway

0:10from that and I don’t mean to be again

0:11too dark as you said on this but it is

0:14not if we are worried about the rise of

0:17authoritarianism in this country we are

0:19worried about potential rise of fascism

0:21in this country we’re worried about our

0:22democracy falling to an authoritarian

0:25and potentially fascist form of

0:27government the leader who is trying to

0:29do that is part of that equation but

0:32people wanting that corre is a much

0:34bigger part of that equation and the

0:36American electorate is made up of two

0:38major parties one of those parties has

0:40been flirting with extremism on the

0:43ultra right for a very long time they’ve

0:45brought them in in a way that they

0:47haven’t been Central to Republican

0:48electoral politics ever before and I

0:50know because I’ve been studying this but

0:53once you have radicalized one major

0:54party so that those are the preferences

0:56of the people who adhere to your party

0:59the leaders interchange

1:00and yes trumpism is sometimes what we

1:02call it mag movement is probably a

1:04better way to do it but there is an

1:06authoritarian movement inside Republican

1:08politics that isn’t being Bamboozled by

1:11Trump they are pushing Trump to get more

1:13and more extreme because the more

1:15extreme things he says the more they the

1:18more they adhere to him and that is

1:19coming from a very large proportion of

1:22the American right that aderes to the

1:24Republican party and that’s why this is

1:25a Republican party problem more than it

1:28is the problem of one man and his

1:30to drive home the point further 68% of

1:34Iowa Republican voters believe the 2020

1:37election was stolen Trump of course got

1:3951% so trumpism is bigger than Trump and

1:43the reason that they believe this is

1:45because it gives them an excuse to

1:47support fascism of course it’s not

1:49necessarily conscious but they

1:51desperately want the country to be the

1:53way it used to be because that was

1:55better for them brace yourselves because

1:58it’s more than the Republican party


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