President Biden’s 2024 failures are NOT the fault of frustrated Progressives

I am so sick of Biden allies blaming progressives who are critical of him for the possibility of him losing this election. And I’m voting for him, but this has got to stop. President Biden and establishment Democrats constantly cede the narrative to Republicans, and I’m a former Republican. They do this to try to return to some sort of legislative normal that I’m not sure ever existed. If it did, it was very short-lived in the large scheme of things.

This appeasing has happened with immigration, with police reform, with foreign affairs, climate change. And as a result, a lot of the country has moved to the right. He never, or at least rarely, draws a line in the sand and stands firm. The reason for this is because of something that I learned working for two conservative members of Congress. Most Americans don’t want to fight and can be easily swayed by those who do hold the line. Let me explain.

When someone stands firm, even if they’re completely wrong, most people just appease them to achieve some kind of peace. Historically, this is what progressive movements in the 1960s and 70s understood so well, and it worked. It’s why we got civil rights legislation, and desegregation, and women’s rights, including Roe v. Wade. Politicians and judges were moved by public opinion, and public opinion was moved by those who were immovable. In the 1970s, Republicans learned this and adopted it for themselves. This is exactly what led to the Reagan Revolution. He was a great leader for them. When he stood firm, public opinion came to him.

President Biden’s not one of these leaders. You can see his opinion change over the years as public opinion changes. That’s not how change happens. Thankfully, he seems to be drawing the line at democracy. But that’s about it. I honestly don’t know if Democrats have really ever had a leader like that, and they desperately need one.

After the summer of 2020, this country had a chance at another 1960s and 70s, but President Biden appeased our way out of it. He gave law enforcement more money and increased military spending, all without any reform. He refused to ever confront Joe Manchin, and so we just lost all of those benefits that lifted millions out of poverty. And now he’s trying to appease on border security, but what about the dreamers? What about a pathway to citizenship? He did some good things on climate change and then just gave a bunch away to the fossil fuel companies.

He’s ceded the narrative on every issue, and now it seems like the Democratic Party stands for very little. Other than opposing Trump, but they’re not actually doing anything to combat Trumpism. Again, I’m voting for Joe Biden, but if he loses, it’s not going to be because of the progressives who didn’t want to vote for him. It’s going to be because he wasn’t a leader and he didn’t Fight for Anything. Energy sways public opinion and wins elections. Not little legislative victories, especially when Rome is burning. We can only hope that President Biden redirects that anger he has towards everyone that’s critical of him or everyone that recommends that he get out of the race to finding some principles.


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