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Mitch McConnell Tells Senate Republicans to Stop Negotiating on the Border

0:00so Jake Sherman is reporting that Mitch

0:01McConnell told Republicans in a closed

0:03door meeting to essentially end border

0:06negotiations because Trump wants it as

0:08an election issue now we knew this was

0:10the case but hearing it from somebody

0:12like Mitch McConnell is still pretty

0:14wild here’s what Liz Cheney had to say

0:16about it on PODS of America if it’s true

0:19that McConnell said you know basically

0:22you know we thought we had a deal but

0:24now it looks like you know Trump’s going

0:25to be the nominee and he wants to run on

0:28this um I mean that that

0:30is so cynical and and

0:33irresponsible um and um you know

0:37surprising frankly um we all know how

0:40dangerous the situation is at the border

0:43um I think you know as I said the Biden

0:45Administration um you know deserves real

0:48criticism for the fact that they haven’t

0:50secured the Border um but now for the

0:53Republicans the Republican leader to be

0:55saying well we we’re not going to take

0:57any action because Trump doesn’t want us


1:00um you know that that just I think

1:02confirms what everybody’s frustrations

1:04are about about politics today and is

1:07just really really cynical and sad that

1:10that’s the position they’re taking I

1:12think Liz Cheney still lives at least

1:14somewhat inside this fake picture of

1:17reality that Republicans painted she’s a

1:19rich kid that still looks at her dad

1:21with rosecolor glasses so it makes sense

1:23but Mitch McConnell is a republican

1:25through and through he’s the Republican

1:28Republican since Richard Nixon generally

1:30believe in Party Loyalty over country

1:32loyalty that’s what Reagan’s 11th

1:35commandment means Thou shalt not speak

1:37ill of any fellow Republican Donald

1:39Trump obviously doesn’t follow this rule

1:41but Mitch does so if Trump leads the

1:43party then his ultimate loyalty is to

1:45Trump not the United States I also don’t

1:48think Trump wants Congress to deal with

1:50the border at all he wants to wield his

1:52executive power how he sees fit and that

1:55should terrify everyone