Michael Knowles Wants “Transgenderism Eradicated.” Fascism Explained

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“Transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely.” – Michael Knowles

So we need to talk about fascism for a second and clear up some of the misunderstandings about it. The reason that our Founders were so explicit about the separation of church and state is because historically, up to that point, there was no separation. In fact the less separation there was the slower Humanity progressed.

Now the behavior of many of our Founders in regards to slavery was absolutely deplorable, and there’s no justifying it. But even some of our slave owning Founders saw a way out of it through secularism. The idea of broad universal human values like life, liberty, and property.

Fundamentalist religion was too consumed with self-proclaimed values that contradict each other resulting in things like the wars of the Reformation. Or something our Founders were more directly dealing with, and that’s how do slave states and non-slave States coexist. They later found out they can’t not through any religious interpretation, but because slavery contradicts universal human values.

Now secularism isn’t a cure-all as this of course resulted in war. But it gives us a way to move forward together. For the fundamentalists though this process is just too hard and complex. Like with anyone who fears change, they try to control the situation. They think that the only way to exist efficiently is to live under one specific set of rules. One religion and one government with no separation between the two. One economic system, and of course one specific set of moral values rather than broad unifying values.

So what do you call this kind of fundamentalist system? I think you guessed it, Fascism. And I promise you I’m not sensationalizing when I say that it’s here. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, because I know there’s good people on both sides, this needs to be confronted strongly.


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