MAGA Anti-Woke Backlash Reminds Us to Brace Ourselves and Play the Long Game

When things like this are happening with a huge amount of support…

“more than 100 migrants from Texas including children were dropped outside the vice president’s residence in sub freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve…”

It’s a sign that we’re facing an uphill battle for many years to come. Around 1964, not long after the Civil Rights Movement began, backlash began to slowly develop. And this backlash took various forms including backlash against anti-war protesters and hippies, backlash against feminism, and general civil rights backlash. But this backlash didn’t rise to its peak until the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

“I will to try and tap that great American Spirit that opened up this completely undeveloped continent from coast to coast and made it a great nation.” – Ronald Reagan

The same thing is happening now not three years after a new movement was launched by the George Floyd protests. The backlash is taking slightly different but similar forms including backlash against wokeness, backlash against the LGBT community most prevalently the trans community, and backlash against women’s rights. What this means is that our advocacy is not going to be met with the same level of enthusiasm.

This is why I keep saying to play the long game. The Right waits for you to stop caring even a little bit, and that’s when they pounce.


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