Live Like Jimmy Carter

With President Jimmy Carter sadly getting close to leaving us, I’d really like to see us lean into his example. I know many of us are dealing with this overwhelming anxiety with everything going on in the world. Much like the beginning of the 20th century, we’re we’re going through it.

But as President Jimmy was intimately aware of the world’s ugliness, and when he left office he didn’t try and change everything on his own. He did the little things, the things that he was capable of doing.

I wish to God I could help all those children in Ukraine. I can’t, but can volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club or food pantry. I can give away the extra fruit from my fruit trees. And that’s how we get through this. We control the things we can. This includes protesting and voting and holding our leaders accountable, but it really all starts with simply loving your neighbor.


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