Kevin McCarthy, Not Trump, is the Real MAGA Leader

We talk a lot about MAGA leaders and how they’re damaging the country, but I don’t think we’ve fully acknowledged the true leader of this movement. Kevin McCarthy is the leader that continues to give this movement legitimacy.

After carrying Trump’s agenda for four years and then protecting him from what should have been to overwhelmingly bipartisan impeachments, he resurrected him after January 6th. That was the time to prosecute Trump. When the majority of the country, the vast majority of the country would have been behind it.

Now McCarthy is doing the same with MAGA house members. He’s protecting George Santos, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Jim Jordan. And giving many of these members key committee assignments. Marjorie is going to be on Homeland Security! That’s right, Kevin McCarthy thinks that space lasers should be seeing our most sensitive information. And Boebert, Perry, Donalds, and Luna are going to be on the Oversight Committee. They’ll be able to turn this really important committee into a complete joke.

This is what he wanted. He wanted to be in charge so it’s time to continue to put the spotlight on GOP and MAGA leader Kevin McCarthy.


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