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It’s Title 42 Stupid!!!

I have no idea why the Biden Administration is not talking about this. Probably because they like the policy. As MTG corrected, she originally wrote 8 billion, there’s been a lot of border crossings. I don’t know how accurate that number is but it’s probably in the millions.

Now here are the CBP stats for border crossings. If you just scroll down a bit you’ll see that it’s high because of title 42 expulsions. Title 42 is the 100 year old policy that Trump used to turn people away at the border during COVID and President Biden’s continued it.

Then you’ll see here that in 2021 title 42 repeat encounters went from one out of every eight to one out of every three. So the reason the numbers are high is because we’re abruptly turning people away and they’re coming right back. We’re talking about the amount of crossings not the amount of people.