I Was a Conservative in the Obama Years


I didn’t get to enjoy the hope and change of the Obama years. I was working for a very conservative member of Congress, and was filled with anger and resentment. I told myself that I was unhappy with what I now see as an incredible President because I hated socialism.

I thought the ACA was some kind of slippery slope to disaster, but the truth is that I was terrified of change. And although it wasn’t conscious I had deep-seated bias and hate.

As an Evangelical conservative I couldn’t see this man for the principled Christian father and husband that he was. I saw him as some kind of revolutionary even though he was exactly the kind of person that I claimed to be looking for. But as the Obamas believed so deeply, change is possible even in people like me. All I can say now is thank you for doing what you did despite hateful people like me.


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