How Republicans Drifted to Trumpism

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The Republican Party used to have three factions: evangelicals or even fundamentalist Catholics, Libertarians, and what I like to call the money-hungry Republicans. Business-minded Republicans or what used to be called Rockefeller Republicans.

What began to unite these factions were culture wars. Evangelicals and Libertarians compromised lower priority values. Evangelicals caved on social welfare programs, and Libertarians caved on abortion and immigration. Now your money-hungry Republicans don’t operate on fear as much as the others, but of course they care about money so they’re going to line accordingly.

Anger just increases and increases, and then we go ahead and elect the black president. That’s when it boils over and out comes Trump. Trump unites all of these factions under one banner MAGA or American Christo-fascism. Those who don’t agree are cast aside, and the few Rockefeller Republicans left have no power.

It may seem like they’re fighting now, but they’ll come together when it matters. This new single unit will drift together, and it couldn’t be headed in a more dangerous direction. We beat them by setting aside some of our business days.


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