Henry Kissinger and his Impact on Today’s Israel v Palestine War



0:00with the death of Henry Kissinger let’s

0:02quickly review a major way that he

0:05impacted today’s Middle East he’s

0:07credited with what they called shuttle

0:09diplomacy in 1973 this was to end the

0:12war between Israel and the surrounding

0:14Arab countries of Egypt Syria and Jordan

0:17even won the Nobel Peace Prize for it

0:19but Kissinger was definitely not some

0:21sort of idealistic Peacemaker he was

0:24known for his Machiavellian pragmatism

0:27and only cared about American interests

0:30and these interests did not happen to

0:31include peace Israel’s interest was to

0:34exist and to keep the territory that

0:36they gained in 1967 but the US was in it

0:39for two things oil and reduced Soviet

0:42influence supporting Israel in this war

0:44was important to this objective because

0:46they wanted to show Arab Nations that

0:49they could not rely on Soviet support

0:52the US wanted Israel to impose a massive

0:54defeat so when it came to those 1967

0:57territories great for kissing her in the

0:59US because they wanted Israeli dominance

1:01but that didn’t happen because Israel

1:03was constantly misleading the US and was

1:06nowhere near prepared for war the

1:08massive amount of us support that they

1:10relied on was too little too late so the

1:13best they could get was a steal mate and

1:15this is what drove Kissinger in the US

1:17to push for peace to do this his

1:19strategy was to negotiate agreements

1:21between Israel and each Arab Nation

1:24separately and eventually did so now one

1:26of the ways that the Soviets would try

1:28to disrupt the us interests in all of

1:31this was to support radical Islamic

1:34organizations and this was easy to do

1:36inside Palestine because the people had

1:38been so oppressed and it was this

1:40inflamed radicalism which was why Israel

1:44and none of the Arab countries wanted to

1:46take responsibility for the Palestinian

1:48movement so the US began its Palestinian

1:51policy which was to isolate and

1:54debilitate the Palestinian movement with

1:56no endgame


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