Gregg Abbott Defies the Supreme Court and Continues with Razer Wire

Tough Guy Greg Abbott is defying the Supreme Court’s orders and still having his Texas National Guard set up razor wire on the southern border. The saddest part about this is that his actions have at least the sympathy of maybe half the country. That’s why Republicans use terms like Invasion because a lot of people think that way. White people in predominantly white areas including Democrat run cities like Chicago are scared to death of the fact that there might be a few more brown people. This is why you see them constantly talking about how they wish Biden would do more on the border and yet they don’t criticize monsters like Greg Abbott. Razor wire is something you use to stop armies and prisoners. These are human beings like you and I just looking for a better life. I know I say these things a lot but I don’t think I can say them enough.

Fentanyl is primarily being trafficked by US citizens and being produced in China. Undocumented people statistically commit fewer crimes and lower crime rates and they contribute more to a system than they receive back. Yes, they pay taxes. If you don’t believe that, you’ve been lied to. The only reason that you wouldn’t look twice into the actions of this small man is because you’re scared of the other and you need to look in the mirror and admit it. We have so many problems in this country and immigration hasn’t caused any of them.


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