Fascist and Nazi are NOT the Same

hands with black paint

We have got to stop using fascist and Nazi synonymously. When I say that American fascism is here many think that I’m being hyperbolic because they think I’m referring to Nazis. But fascism doesn’t equate to concentration camps. The end result as it plays out in reality is often horrific, but fascism doesn’t necessarily have to be violent.

When you force people into one culture, morality, and or religion, and there are consequences for those that are on the outs, that’s fascism. Not allowing two men or two women to consensually marry each other is fascism. It can be that simple, and yes that means that I was once a fascist.

To be clear, it’s always been present in this country, but now it’s a large organized movement under the banner of Trumpism. An organized fascist movement can have various forms of dire consequences.


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