Donald Trump and Christianity

The history of Christianity, sadly, is largely one of division. Some of these divisions come from the influence of our natural selfish order. Others are over some legitimate and some overzealous doctrinal concerns. These different kinds of divisions are also not without overlap. In fact, the church gets into the most trouble when influences from our natural selfish order align with overzealous doctrinal concerns. For instance, a particular doctrinal concern can be used by a powerful leader to enact violence in the name of Christ. i.e. The Wars of the Reformation.

Abortion and christian conservatism

As a former conservative christian I heard these concerns from progressives, but was able to ignore those cries because I thought they were only being used for some political advantage. As a long time political professional I saw everything through a political lens. While I was (and still am in large part) a natural legalist, I believe strongly in the separation of church and state and couldn’t understand how anyone would think I was conflating the two. After all, I was only pro-life because I was trying to stop the genocide of millions of babies. My Pastor would talk about this issue simply because it was humane, not because it was political.

Abortion, like other “social issues” generates such passion from the Christian right. This passion comes from a good place for most, trying to stop murder. When I started to take off my political lens I could see that there was no single genocidal tyrannical authority killing babies. These are woman who are having to make a heart wrenching decision for various reasons. Those reasons are often ones that I can’t understand because they come from places of such despair, and my privilege has allowed me to never have to make a decision like that. When I take off my political lens, and look for the spirit, my focus transitions to how can I help this person so she never has to make that decision. Or, how can WE solve (x) problem so that this group of people doesn’t have to be put in that position for (y) reason.

Donald Trump and “American Values”

Donald Trump exacerbated an American Christian problem that has been building for almost 150 years. This is the conflating of “American Values” and “White Protestant Values.” When you combine these, you get modern day Evangelicals. The conflating of the two has lead to a deeper passion for these political issues to the point where those that subscribe to them will do almost anything to get their end. Things like, electing Donald Trump. A person who is personally the antithetical to Jesus Christ. For many, however, he is that last thing that stands between them and the secular genocidal communists. For this, they will “forgive” every ill. So much so, that they don’t trust any legitimate news source.

What many have called this, and I believe it’s true, is a cult. Most in it, are of good intent, but have been mislead for so long that its hard to change. I can say, however, that Donald J. Trump does not represent the faith of Jesus Christ. He fought for justice and equality. His kingdom is where the meek and the poor and the oppressed are exalted. This is not a kingdom for bullying, lying, or betrayal. As followers of Christ we are called to do one thing, LOVE. Love God, and love your neighbor. If someone in this faith is making a mockery of these values, especially someone in a position of such power, we are to confront them like Jesus did to the Pharisees.


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