Bernie Bros are Hurting Progressivism

man wearing gas mask standing beside store facade

We need to talk about Bernie Bros for a minute. The vast majority of progressives that I’ve met since crossing over from the conservative side are loving and forgiving. In fact, this is what initially made me question my own reality.

There’s a chunk of angry, usually young men, who are ruthless. And it’s very similar to what I saw on the Republican side with Ron Paul supporters. I think many may even be the same people. The extreme wing of this are the ones that sometimes made the BLM protests violent, and although it’s not the cohesive unit that conservatives make us think it is this is antifa.

They may be on the right side of most issues, but there’s a similar anger to what I see in MAGA’s. I guess what I’m getting at is we are not the same. It’s not unusual for this kind of revolutionary mindset to develop in times of political strife. You Christians know even Jesus dealt with this with the zealots, but it’s no way to create change and only results in more violence. I’m also against hate and fascism, but again love is the only way you overcome these things.


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