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As a Father, I’m Done with Toxic Masculinity

So I’m the dad of two incredible little boys, and half of the country would want me to teach them to suppress their emotions and adopt some sort of tough guy persona so they can be a warrior for their future family. And it’s complete bullshit.

And on top of it all this is all somehow centered around Christianity. 80% of suicides in this country are male. We have the fifth highest rate of alcoholism in the world, and we have an epidemic of domestic violence. But many of you would still argue that somehow this patriarchal formula is still working. Well that’s a no-go for me.

I’m gonna make sure that my kids are loved and they show others that same love. I want them to embrace who they are, whoever that is, because above all else I care about their health and happiness. I’m going to teach them to work through their emotions effectively. If you want to continue to suppress and push through and look tough, fine, but leave the rest of us out of it. And stay solo because you’re toxic and we’re tired of picking up the pieces.