About Winning Love

I prefer to remain anonymous so as not to conflate my personal views with my profession. I hope you understand. My background is in politics. I spent most of my life a conservative christian, until I woke to how this “cult” distorted the principles of my own personal Christian faith. This blog is my journey. I intend to use it to bring light to these distortions, and to discuss generally how Christians are to respond to a political world.

First and foremost, I am a child of God, a husband, a father, a son, family, a friend, and then an advocate.  I don?t need to change the world on my own, because the world is so much bigger than me.  In fact, if I prioritize my advocacy over any of those other things, I would be doing more harm than good.  

The role of the Christian is one of love, humility, and faith.  To assist in the growth of God?s kingdom, we need to start with what he places right in front of us.  Christianity in America, however, is often led with very different values.  These, usually political, values distort the truth given to us directly from Christ.  As an example, Liberty (a value with many meanings) for Christians is the God given ability to choose love in every aspect of life.  Individual liberty in the political sense, however, prioritizes a life with no limits unless it intrudes on someone else?s liberty.  We?ll get into longer conversations about the role of government later, but a mind that prioritizes individual liberty will naturally conflate this with the meaning of our God-given liberty.  We see this all time.  You don?t have to look very far to find a voter that prioritizes a single issue because of their core values.  Do this on a big scale, and you get to where we are today.  

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.