We bring a wealth of experience.  Between the two of us we have both served as, and worked for elected representatives. We understand the intricacies of legislative processes and stakeholder engagement at a local, state, and federal level.  We have also both worked in advocacy roles for non-profits and trade associations. Thanks to our experience, we can either offer a holistic approach to your organization’s advocacy efforts, or fill specific needs.

  • Crafting persuasive and impactful messages
  • Tailoring messages to specific audiences
  • Ensuring consistency across various communication channels
  • Real-time updates on relevant legislative actions.
  • Customized alerts tailored to specific criteria.
  • Comprehensive analysis of proposed legislation for informed recommendations.
  • Training volunteers for effective grassroots advocacy
  • Providing ongoing education on advocacy best practices
  • Providing ongoing support and follow-up training sessions
  • Facilitating partnerships with like-minded organizations
  • Building and managing advocacy coalitions
  • Strengthening relationships with community leaders and influencers
  • Mobilizing community members for collective action
  • Facilitating connections with policymakers and government officials
  • Organizing networking events for clients
  • Enhancing the visibility and credibility of non-profits within the community
  • Provides updates on grant opportunities
  • Customizes alerts based on specific grant criteria such as funding amount, eligibility requirements, and application deadlines.
  • Offers thorough analysis of grant guidelines, priorities, and evaluation criteria to facilitate strategic grant proposal development for clients.
  • Conducts comprehensive research and analysis of legislative proposals and regulatory changes.
  • Develops creative and effective policy recommendations tailored to the consulting firm’s objectives and client needs.
  • Provides guidance and support throughout the policy implementation process, ensuring successful adoption and compliance.